Target Motivation Manages The Logistics

Of the General Assembly y Of Federmeccanica

Trade unión federation of the Italian Metalworking Industry

The event was held at the H Farm campus in Roncade (Veneto, northern Italy) and was participated by various ministers and celebrities.

Mestre–Venice, October 2023 – The Venice-based event agency Target Motivation managed all the logistics of the Federmeccanica General Assembly which was held in Veneto, north-eastern Italy, between Roncade and Venice at the end of September.

Federmeccanica had selected two prestigious locations: the campus of H Farm University (in Roncade), one of the largest innovation centers in Europe, for the meeting sessions, the exhibition area and the catering functions; and the Salone del Ridotto of the Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal in Venice for the social dinner, followed by an exclusive evening visit to the Doge’s Palace.

The General Assembly hosted important speakers: among the others, the Italian Minister of Labor and Social Policies Marina Calderone, the Minister of Economy and Finance Giancarlo Giorgetti (in Zoom connection), Stefano Massini, renowned writer, and geopolitical analyst Dario Fabbri.

The guests of the two-day panels were all prominent members of the Italian mechanical world, such as the CEOs of Fincantieri (Pierroberto Folgiero) and Leonardo (Roberto Cingolani, former Minister for Environment and Energy Security, who spoke remotely) as well as Manuela Soffientini, President of Electrolux Italia. The host was Federico Visentin, President of Federmeccanica. Around six hundred people participated.

Alongside the members’ meeting, a private tour of Treviso was organized for some

accompanying persons with a break in the city’s famous Literary Café.

During both mornings, job interviews were held for the students of H Farm Campus and other universities by the HR representatives of the many sponsoring companies (KPMG, Electrolux, Imesa, Komatsu, Umana…). The talks, of course, were completely successful.

For the social dinner, some guests were taken to Venice from the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, where they were staying, to the Salone del Ridotto. Afterwards, all participants, divided into groups and with seven local guides, visited Palazzo Ducale at night.

A statement by Alessandro Sbrogiò, founder of Target Motivation

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