Exciting new and unique business opportunity unveiled by ICCA

ICCA is built on a remarkable and wholly unique Business Intelligence (BI) database. It sets us apart from our competitors in the international association meetings industry, giving members a distinct and clear advantage when it comes to sourcing – and winning – new business opportunities which are worth billions. As part of ICCA’s ongoing digital transformation, we are delighted to announce an innovative extension of our BI portfolio, to now include the previously untapped – and potentially huge – sector of Governmental Meetings (GM).  

Traditionally, ICCA has focused on association meetings only as the association community brings revenue, commerce and change into cities, regions, and countries across the world. Utilising this specialist data requires a particular kind of expertise, something we have mastered over 60+ years. By applying our analytical expertise to the sphere of governmental meetings, we can bring new and exciting business opportunities directly to our members. This development makes the ICCA value proposition stronger than ever. 

ICCA CEO Senthil Gopinath states: “This is the exciting advancement our members have been waiting for. Governmental meetings occur at local, regional, and international levels all across the world. It has vast potential. We believe government meeting needs – allayed to our members’ expertise – creates a win-win situation for all stakeholders. I look forward to ICCA GM driving both business success and the establishment of conducive long-term working partnerships.” 

Governmental meetings have been categorised as high net worth. The new ICCA GM database will be progressive at the outset as we test and populate the database with our members’ data.  After testing, it is projected to grow sizably and occupy a significant part of ICCA’s ever evolving portfolio.    

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