Beyond Borders – ICCA’s digital snapshot of how business events have shaped the world, and what’s coming next?

In a radically different approach, ICCA publishes Beyond Borders – How Associations Business Events Bring the World Together… a digital report exploring the significant global impact of business events across 60-plus years. 

Using video interviews, data, and animated graphs, Beyond Borders features expert opinion and analysis from inside – and outside – the international associations meetings industry. This innovative approach utilises ICCA’s expertise, reach, and standing as the industry leader, and includes contributory input from key figures from IMEX, ASAE, Oxford Economics, the Associations, CVBs, Government, and the political lobby.

ICCA traditionally publishes major industry analytical reports on a 5-year cycle, but the world has changed significantly since 2018. The global pandemic forced a radical review on how we think, plan, and do events. The creativity and intuition so crucial to the rebirth of our industry is evident in Beyond Borders, making it easily accessible – and shareable – to ICCA members, and the wider global community.

With a unique 60-plus year heritage, ICCA uses stats to show the irresistible rise of business meetings and events and the impact they have made in our countries, cities, and communities. But what we have done is only part of the story, the key significance of Beyond Borders is what comes next?

ICCA CEO, Senthil Gopinath: “Beyond Borders asks pertinent questions about the World Economy, the Economic Value of our Industry, Growing Industry Talent, Association Meeting Trends, and Social Sustainability so we get a tangible view of the major concerns and opportunities facing us all. The stats tell one story, but the people tell another. ICCA is and always will be a people business… which is why Beyond Borders speaks to us all in a clear and distinctive way. This is our industry, this is our community, this is our moment to come together and seek common purpose.”

Beyond Borders – How Associations Business Events Bring the World Together is made available to all who see and value the importance of our global industry as a driver for change at a social, political, and cultural level.

Access the full interactive report here.

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