Best Marketing Award 2024 – Once Upon a Time

The ICCA Best Marketing Award has gained a global reputation for recognising outstanding achievements of organisations in marketing their product and services. It calls on all their passion, creativity, and courage to seize the initiative and do something truly different that will set their campaign – and their brand – apart. And every year, the entries impress us more and more with their levels of sheer brilliance and imagination.

That is why we are delighted to announce the launch of the ICCA Best Marketing Award sponsored by The Meetings Show. This year’s theme is “Once Upon a Time – The Art of Marketing as Storytelling.”

What does this mean?

ICCA is on the hunt for the storytellers of our industry. Whether you’re a destination, a supplier, or an association, everyone has a tale to tell. Share your organisation’s unique marketing stories for this year’s Best Marketing Award theme: Once Upon a Time.

Show (and tell!) how you went from an inkling of an idea and nurtured it into a strong, substantial piece of marketing genius that conveyed your message with wit, humour, clarity and confidence.

So, if you have a marketing campaign that has your team ready to burst with excitement, get ready to share your creativity, your ground-breaking ideas, your marketing genius and you too could join our illustrious list of award winners.

Why participate?

Entering a project for an award competition can be costly in terms of efforts and resources, so why enter the ICCA Best Marketing Award?

Put simply, the ICCA Best Marketing Award is the premier recognition for the associations’ meetings industry marketeers and the marketing community. It is the most widely respected award in the field and truly gives recognition to the most creative achievements of organisations. The bestowment of the Best Marketing Award is a benchmark worth having and sharing.

ICCA invites our association community and meetings industry members from all sectors and regions to submit campaigns, projects, and initiatives that demonstrate ‘Marketing – Going Beyond the Obvious’ to showcase our commitment as international advocacy community for global events and meetings. Your campaign could include:

Content branding

Cultural shift

Social storytelling

Brand evolution

Power of partnerships

Internal brand transformation

Mobile innovation

Pioneering technology

Data creativity

Targeting excellence

Best use of technology

Crisis management

Effective brand building

Marketing in the moment

BMA 2023 Winner

Check out previous winners BMA 2024

Judging Criteria

Judging panellists will evaluate entries according to the following parameters:

Research & rationale (10%) – evidence-based information supporting the necessity and importance of the marketing initiative

Determining and measuring success (30%) – the objectives of the marketing initiative should be outlined, and the application should be very specific about the following items:

– What level of engagement will be required – by the organization, the community, customers, etc.

– The objectives of the initiatives – what do you intend to achieve

– How will success be determined, i.e. more business leads, greater awareness, more contracts, etc

– How will that success be measured – i.e. data, customer or partner testimonials

Innovation & Creativity (30%) – the marketing initiative must demonstrate a level of innovation, which could include fresh ideas, pursuing a new market, leveraging new technology, creating new processes to increase effectiveness and/or efficiency.  The award application need not address all of these elements of innovation, but should be sure to include some.

Long term impact (15%) – the marketing initiative should ideally embody more than a short term, one-off celebration, but rather, a long-lasting impact of the project

Communication/presentation (15%) – is the presentation of the award submission clear and compelling.

BMA 2023 Winner pitching

Submission process

1. Submission

The competition is open to all ICCA Members and associations (individual members, or groups of members working together).

Entries should be submitted in digital format through the application link and must include:

– A written proposal of max 1000 words

– Answer to criteria objectives (included in the submission form)

– A personal video presentation of max 1.30 mins that synthesize the key messages and outcome of the initiative. Video production should be consistent with the following criteria:

>Personalised touch. We want to see ‘you’, your team and recognise your efforts.

Casual tone of voice and engaging delivery. Captivate the judges in a fun and dynamic way.

No state-of-the-art video production. Video quality should not exceed the quality of smartphone video standards.

Big budget does not equal victory. We want to recognise the creativity and outstanding achievements of initiatives implemented with little to no budget

Submissions must be completed through the application link by 23 August 2024, 23.59 UTC -12. 

2. Selection of finalists

The judging panel will select the finalists from all the entries/submissions received. The finalists will be announced before 23 September 2024.  Finalist will be asked to attend the ICCA Congress in Abu Dhabi (October 20-23, 2024) in person.

3. Winner announcement

The selected finalists will be allocated 10 mins each for a live presentation of the submitted project during a dedicated session of the ICCA Congress.

Finalists are warmly encouraged to attend the ICCA Congress in person.

4. Winner’s recognition and legacy

The ICCA Best Marketing Award is not only about creativity, ground-breaking ideas, and marketing. The award is mostly about shared learning and inspiring other organisation to break out from the norm, think, and do differently to start shaping tomorrow’s bigger success. The winner project will be featured on ICCA website and prominent media and will gain a speaking opportunity at the next ICCA congress so that can inspire best practices and relevant strategies for other community members in their marketing efforts.

For entrants:

Opportunity to reflect on a project/campaign/initiative and build a case study for promotional use

Raise the organization individual’s profile

Opportunity to showcase your efforts and projects to internal and external stakeholders

Have the work judged and externally benchmarked by leading professionals in the business.

Potential space for global visibility

Boost staff morale and reward individuals and teams for their hard work

 Chance to inspire others and develop best practices for industry and sectors

Work on a fun and exciting project: Teamwork!

For Finalists:

Profiling on ICCA communication channels (website, newsletter, social media -LinkedIn)

Mention during the announcement session to all of the delegates at ICCA congress

Worldwide recognition from peers and colleague at ICCA Congress

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