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14-day full immersion in Rome, Ischia, Amalfi, Paestum and Naples. The 13 participants, all top in their countries, discovered new destinations in the Bel Paese to restart international events in 2022. A priceless opportunity to restart Luxury tourism.

Thirteen event & wedding planners from four continents, representing big Destination and production event agencies or well-known multinationals, spent two weeks between central and southern Italy thanks to Monica Balli Events’ Reboot 2021 – with Monica Balli to discover new destinations. Much more than a fam trip, much more than a site inspection, it was a prolonged and in-depth full immersion in the beauties, flavours and traditions of a very suggestive (and loved) part of the Bel Paese.

It was the fifth event of this kind, which up to 2019 took place yearly and limited its overlook to Tuscany. This year Monica has extended it to a much wider range, given the need to help tourism resumption everywhere. The program, as always designed to allow the illustrious participants to experience and grasp the various lifestyles without any stressful schedule, left adequate space for relaxation, networking and true pampering.

The result was a very effective showcase, a fall in love with the places, so much so that participants will soon come back to hold their main events and weddings.

The program It all began in Ladispoli (Rome), at the wonderful La Posta Vecchia Hotel, where the group stayed for two days: a journey through history perfectly summarizing the magic of Italy, between Renaissance’s romanticism, the Pompeii era’s parties and a contemporary relaxation. The hotel, belonging to the Pellicano Hotels group, is affiliated with both The Leading Hotels and Virtuoso.

Participants then moved to Ischia, which has long been proposed as a new Destination for events and travel, thanks to its thermal, historical and cultural heritage as well as its proximity to Naples and the Amalfi coast (only one hour drive from both). The stay,  lasting until the 18th, was organized under the aegis of Ischia Is More, a promotional consortium of entrepreneurs, managers and tour operators, as well as with the contribution of Foraday, a local tour operator which organized both a geological and archaeological activity at sea to let guests experience the history of the island’s seabed, and a visit to the Ravino Gardens, famous for their succulent plants.

Three hotel facilities hosted the planners in Ischia: the Hotel Mezzatorre, belonging to the Pellicano Hotels group such as La Posta Vecchia and also affiliated with Leading and Virtuoso, a boutique resort on a private bay with a suggestive Spanish tower;

Botania Relais & Spa, boutique resort as well, inside a three-acre garden comprising aromatic plants, fruits and thermal water pools; and the San Montano Resort & Spa, affiliated with The Small Leading Hotels of the World, among charming decorations and furnishings plus thermal pools enhancing the splendid view between the gulf of Naples and the gulf of San Montano. The farewell dinner was based on typical local cuisine at La vigna di Alberto.

Then the group moved on to Amalfi, at the newly opened Borgo Sant’Andrea, a wonderful five-star hotel nestled just below a cave along Amalfi’s main road, descending towards the sea. The views are unique as well as the design and fashion touch characterizing the living room.

Fourth stop: Paestum, just one hour drive from Amalfi. The Savoy Beach Hotel is a gem full of history and charm. Perfect for big and small events, practically the very  only carbon-neutral hotel in the world, it has a buffalo farm for mozzarella and yogurt which get exported everywhere, as well as an amazing restaurant with unforgettable wines and dishes. The Spa will be inaugurated in January 2022.

And, grand finale, Naples, Starhotel Terminus, part of the prestigious 30-hotel collection by the Fabri family, spanning through Italy, New York, London and Paris.

The participants Here are the names of the event & wedding planners who participated in the fam trip:

Frieha Altaf (Catwalk Productions, Pakistan), Bob Conti (, New York,

USA), Frank Damgaard (Monte-Carlo Weddings, Principality of Monaco), Monsieur

Froonck (Destination Planner e tv host, Germany), Eva Maria Lange e Birna Hronn

(Pink Iceland, Iceland), Angela Proffitt (GSD, Wedding Tech Solutions, Nashville,

USA), Meltem Tepeler (KM Events, Istanbul [Turkey] e Dubai [UAE]), Brian Worley

(Brian Worley Productions, Atlanta and Los Angeles, USA), Sarah Young (Sarah

Young Events, Malta), Edgardo Zamora (Revelry Event Design, Los Angeles, USA).

The sponsor

The event was organized thanks to the main sponsor C&B Luxury, equipment ental

for events (Sassari, Sardinia). On-site photography by Zung the Ninja Photographer

(Malaysia) and Sam Sacramento photo.

A statement by Monica Balli

«I am honoured and thrilled to have made my know-how as a lifestyle fam trip organizer available to my country and its desire for rebirth. The planners who have visited these wonderful places with me are absolute leaders in their field and move people – and personalities – around the world. Precisely for this reason they collaborate and share opinions with each other, so to overcome their own excellence: this is what I call networking.

This experience was a golden opportunity for tourism, which will certainly bear abundant fruit considering the many expressions of interest, and will surely help the industry recover».

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Monica Balli–Your personal dream maker is one of the biggest, most original and creative event designers and Italian wedding planners. Based in Florence, it works all over the world but has one main goal: bringing the world to Tuscany, the homeland of the founder and unquestionably one of the most beautiful regions on the planet, both in terms of art and architecture and landscape.

With this spirit and with her own imagination, Monica proposes herself for weddings, themed events, motivational events and entertainment: all with the lifestyle touch that truly characterizes her, deserving the admiration of VIPs in the five continents.





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