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From 2nd to 11th September

From 2nd to 11th September, Dinners by eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX will be held for the first time at the sumptuous Gare Maritime on the Tour & Taxis site. More than forty Brussels chefs and craftsmen will take turns cooking in teams. They will offer up unique menus conceived and created by numerous hands. The time has come to discover the details of the Dinners programme and book your ticket for an extraordinary culinary journey.

For this new edition of eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX, 10 teams of Brussels chefs and craftsmen will take over Tour & Taxis’ Gare Maritime for 10 days. They will be concocting menus created in partnership with other chefs. Appetisers, starters, main courses, cheese platters, desserts, cocktails (mocktails), each stage of the journey will be the result of the combination of various talents from Brussels’ culinary scene. It should also be noted that 2 “eat! the world” evenings will be devoted to the discovery of the culinary specialities from the Brussels-Capital Region’s partner regions.

Bordeaux Wines will also be present at the event and offer to present the full diversity of wines from the region – reds, whites, rosés and sparkling whites – which are the perfect accompaniment to the dishes created by the chefs.

The best mixologists and breweries in Brussels are also joining the party and will be taking turns, each day, to reflect the capital’s rich offer.

On the menu: 10 unique experiences

Ten days, ten teams and ten menus for a journey through every facet of the Brussels culinary scene.

THURSDAY 2 SEPTEMBER 2021: Racines, Brinz’l, VerTige, Julien Hazard Affineur, Cokoa, Cipiace, Nanobrasserie de L’Ermitage A journey to discover the origins and passions of the chefs and artisans of the evening.

From Italy with Francesco and Ugo (Racines), to Mauritian influences with Laure Genonceaux (Brinz’l) and the very rural Brussels of Kevin Perlot (VerTige).

There’s a selection of cheeses from Julien Hazard, the most Flemish of the Brussels Walloons, and a floral dessert from Anaïs Gaudemer (Cokoa). Not forgetting the cocktail with the lilting name Cipiace and the local Brussels beers from the Nanobrasserie de l’Ermitage. An evening of spices and travels… packed with plenty of local produce!

FRIDAY 3 SEPTEMBER 2021: Fernand Obb Delicatessen, Old Boy, Cipiace, Julien Hazard Affineur, Ginkgo, Green Lab, Brasserie En Stoemelings Ixelles, Saint-Gilles and Uccle have always been influenced by many cultures and are renowned for the diversity of their culinary offerings.

Among the must-try dishes are Fernand Obb’s revisited Belgian street food, Old Boy’s Asian sharing dishes, Cipiace’s cucina pugliese, Ginkgo’s sweet pastries and Julien Hazard’s flavoured cheeses. The cocktails of Green Lab and the beers of En Stoemelings provide the finishing touch to an evening that promises to be one of “comfort food”.

SATURDAY 4 SEPTEMBER 2021: Humphrey Restaurant, La Charcuterie, Gus, Le Comptoir du Samson, Laurent Gerbaud, Life is Beautiful, Brasserie L’Annexe An evening that perfectly illustrates the modernity and diversity of Brussels’ creative offer, and its continued accessibility.

Sample the exceptional local produce from Ana and Olivier (La Charcuterie), the Philippines-influenced creativity of Glen (Humphrey), the modernity of Gus (and his micro-brewery located in the restaurant), the ultra-local nature of Comptoir du Samson and the “new trend” Belgian chocolate of Laurent Gerbaud. All this is accompanied by a tasty cocktail from Harouna (Life is Beautiful) and a beer brewed by Grégoire and Max (Brasserie L’Annexe).

SUNDAY 5 SEPTEMBER 2021: Chabrol, La Canne en Ville, San Sablon, From Comptoir, Pâtisserie Sasaki, Edgar’s Flavors, Brasserie de La Mule Cosmopolitan Brussels, just the way we like it. A French double bill, with Schaerbeek-based Sophie and Marie (Chabrol) on the one hand and Etienne (From Comptoir), a former ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France Fromager’ on the other.

The regional stage winner is Kevin, who showed that he was the boss by winning a Michelin star for La Canne en Ville in just one year. Valerio (San Sablon) and his Italian origins are in tune with the concept of the “bowls” at San Sablon, while Yasushi combines his demanding Japanese style with French-style pastry at Sasaki. And it is the teams from Edgar’s Flavor and Brasserie de la Mule who set the pace for this event with their colourful cocktails and thirst-quenching beers.

MONDAY 6 SEPTEMBER 2021 (eat ! the world): Federal District of Brazil (Brasilia)

Quito – Québec – Xi’an – the Ile-de-France Region – the Brussels-Capital Region

The Brussels-Capital Region shines the spotlight on the culinary scene in partner cities and regions with which it has concluded bilateral agreements. The Federal District of Brazil (Brasilia), Quito, Quebec, Xi’an and the Île-de-France Region will take your taste buds on a journey through their authentic and local cuisines. During this gastronomic escape, the Ile de-France cheeses and dessert will be presented by Brussels ambassadors.

TUESDAY 7 SEPTEMBER 2021 (eat ! the world): Havana – La Métropole Européenne de Lille – Kinshasa – Istanbul – the Brussels-Capital Region This is the second evening in which the Brussels-Capital Region highlights the culinary scene in partner cities and regions with which it has concluded bilateral agreements. On the menu: delicious delicacies from Havana, Kinshasa, Istanbul and the Métropole Européenne de Lille. Cheeses from Hauts-de-France and the dessert will be presented by Brussels ambassadors.

WEDNESDAY 8 SEPTEMBER 2021: Isabelle Arpin, Osteria Bolognese, Le Tournant, La Fruitière, Vincent Denis Dessert Bar, Yi Chan, La Source Beer Co An evening of engaging personalities, otherworldly creators, men and women who sometimes arrived in Brussels or in the restaurant business by chance and who have conquered the city and its inhabitants.

Through a menu of character, guests will meet Isabelle Arpin (Isabelle Arpin), Denis Delcampe (Le Tournant), Giacomo Toschi and Giocchino D’Amico (Osteria Bolognese), Véronique Socié and Leo Begin (La Fruitière), Vincent Denis (Vincent Denis Dessert Bar), Yen Pham (Yi Chan) and Mathieu Huygens and Nina Carleer (La Source Beer Co). In short, guests will be treated to an evening in great and eclectic company.

THURSDAY 9 SEPTEMBER 2021: Rouge Tomate, Barge, Gramm, La Fruitière, Nikolas Koulepis Pâtisserie, Chez ta Mère, Cantillon Brewery The theme of the evening is taste and aesthetic and creative research.

Between the Californian and cosmopolitan know-how of Alex Joseph (Rouge Tomate), the radical gastronomy of Grégoire Gillard (Barge), the poetry of Erwan Kenzo Nakata (Gramm), the passion for raw milk of Véronique Socié and Léo Begin (La Fruitière) and the oriental flavours of Nicolas Koulepis, the culinary experience of the day will certainly delight guests’ taste buds, eyes and hearts.

To accompany this culinary journey, there’s nothing better than a signature cocktail from Chez ta Mère and the famous beers of Cantillon Brewery, a true and historic source of pride in Brussels.

FRIDAY 10 SEPTEMBER 2021: Sanzaru, Le Rossini, The 1040, Le Comptoir du Samson, Nikolas Koulepis Pâtisserie, Alice Cocktail Bar, Brasserie de La Senne L’expérience culinaire du jour se situera au carrefour de multiples influences. Une rencontre entre cuisine traditionnelle et créative, entre touches locales et internationales.

Le menu promet un voyage gustatif riche en découvertes avec la cuisine nikkei de Nathan Urbanowiez (Sanzaru), les plats traditionnels de Bogdan et Andréa Streinu (Le Rossini), les saveurs italo-belges de Jean-Philippe Watteyne et Fabrizio Iannacci (The 1040), les épices du Liban d’Hélène et Lara Milan (Le Comptoir du Samson) et les parfums de la Grèce de Nikolas Koulepis (Nikolas Koulepis Pâtisseries).

Une escapade avec des escales proposées par Louis Weert (Alice Cocktail Bar) et Yvan De Baets et Bernard Leboucq (Brasserie de la Senne).

SAMEDI 11 SEPTEMBRE 2021: Coquum, La Bonne Chère, Le Monde est Petit, From Comptoir, Cokoa, The Modern Alchemist, No Science Brasserie. An evening for gourmets! The chefs and artisans of the day are adept at cooking using unprocessed, seasonal produce. A fair and delicious menu that will please lovers of traditional dishes, revisited with a little twist that makes all the difference.

In the kitchen, we find the daring Cédric Dassonville (Coquum), the cheerful Marollians of La Bonne Chère, the unshakeable duo Tatiana Guber and Loïc Villers (Le Monde est Petit), the passionate Bénédicte Dartois and Etienne Boissy (From Comptoir) and the sparkling Anaïs Gaudemer (Cokoa).

Behind the bar, the trio from The Modern Alchemist serve up exquisite cocktails and the duo from the No Science brewery offer local beers. Bordeaux, exquisite wines to discover Bordeaux Wines, the festival’s key partner, returns once again to join in this week of gastronomic experiences. This edition is yet another opportunity to discover the full diversity of Bordeaux wines. Accessible wines that reflect their terroir and the personality of the men and women who produce them.

The menus will be accompanied by modern, accessible and sometimes unexpected Bordeaux wines. It’s a fresh chance to taste or discover the new, fresh and fruity Bordeaux reds, sometimes aged in amphora and made from emblematic or more secret grape varieties.

Dry whites will also star, as will rosés, sweet whites and white and pink sparkling wines. Each of these wines is an excellent partner for modern cuisine, with Belgian or more international accents. Exquisite examples which demonstrate the revival of Bordeaux wines.

Ticketing Dinners is a special edition of eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX. It has been adapted to meet the health measures in force. That is why visitors are invited to choose one or more days and reserve a table for 2 to 4 people maximum.

Each day, a 100% Brussels-based team will offer an exclusive 5-course menu, comprising an aperitif of your choice (cocktail, mocktail, Brussels beer or a glass of Bordeaux wine), two starters, a main course, a cheese platter, a dessert, 4 glasses of Bordeaux wine and water. Tickets are on sale now: http://ticketing.eat.brussels/

For more information about the festival, visit: www.eat.brussels

Press contacts:

visit.brussels: Noémie Wibail – n.wibail@visit.brussels – +32 490 49 43 84

Les Vins de Bordeaux: Laurence Hannon – laurence@valor.be – +32 479 63 00 02


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