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Join the Hottest Event of the Summer


Take out your calendar, grab a pencil and mark the date for Conventa Crossover 2021, taking place from 26 to 27 August 2021!

This year, Conventa Crossover will be all about making the meetings industry better. We will be finding out what events will look like AC (After Corona), and what they were like BC (Before Corona). World-renowned experts will uncover taboos and mysteries connected with the organisation of digital and live events, sharing knowledge on making events better, greener, and more sustainable after the corona crisis.

What will be going on at Crossover 2021?

You will learn from keynote speakers who have successfully transformed their events and are recognized as the pioneers of our new reality. The best events competing for the esteemed Conventa Best Event Award will also be announced.

Legends of Crossover – inspiring individuals who have helped co-create and transform the meetings industry will be joining us in August. At the same time, we will be opening the stage to a new generation of young and talented meeting planners and marketers.


The annual award for the best event in the region of ‘New Europe’

Application Deadline: 15 July 2021

After a successful online edition of Conventa Best Event Award 2020, we are calling for entries in 2021. We are once again looking for unicorns – the best events in the region of New Europe. You are invited to register your event for CONVENTA BEST EVENT AWARD 2021. Projects that were carried out from 1 January 2020 until 15 July 2021 are eligible to register for the award.

How to Apply

First step: Registration

Please use the on-line registration form below and select the preferred way of payment. The fee for registering one entry to the competition includes participation at Conventa Crossover 2021 that will be held in HYBRID FORM on 27 August 2021 from 09.00 to 21.00.

Second step: Submission of materials

When the registration is submitted, you can enter the details about your event and all materials. Deadline for submission of materials is 22 JULY 2021.


You can apply with your event in the main categories: B2B, B2C, B2I and Crossover, whether it be a live, hybrid, digital or virtual event.


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