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White paper from Hybrid City Alliance explores multi-hub hybrid events


The Hybrid City Alliance has released a white paper exploring the design, sustainability and risks of hybrid and multi-hub hybrid events.  The paper’s release coincides with the addition of five new members and the launch of a dedicated website.

The free white paper, entitled Your Ultimate Guide to Multi-City Hybrid Events, has been produced from the output of four global workshops in January and February 2021 attended by congress organisers, convention bureaux, and suppliers such as hotels and AV companies.

The white paper sets out to:

  • Define what it means to run a multi city hybrid event – this includes the challenge of seeking a definition of hybrid events and identifying where they sit in the industry’s wider offering and vernacular.
  • Help choose whether or not to organise an in-person, digital or multi-hub hybrid event, including the various challenges and benefits of each.
  • Provide ideas and guidance on the design of a successful multi-hub event with an awareness that this can mean creating separate live, digital and hybrid experiences with content appropriate to each as a stand-alone offering and the wider event as a whole.
  • Consider the sustainability of multi-hub hybrid events, measure their impact on the world and apply appropriate actions to mitigate damage.
  • Identify the risks associated with hybrid events, in particular those areas where risk to an event’s success is increased by a switch to the hybrid and multi-hub formats.
  • Highlight health and safety challenges, particularly in light of an ongoing global pandemic.

To coincide with the launch of the white paper, The Hybrid City Alliance is also announcing the addition of five new members: Costa Rica Convention Bureau, Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau (Japan), Liverpool Convention Bureau (UK), Quito Tourism Board (Ecuador), and Tourism Winnipeg (Canada).

These three additions bring the total membership to 17 cities from 12 countries across 6 continents.

Bridget Chisholm, Director of Conferences at the International Leadership Association said:

“The Hybrid City Alliance is poised to provide invaluable partnerships, making it easier for planners to move forward with hybrid and multi-hub events. This creative alliance offers the opportunity for associations to grow membership not only in areas that have historically not had the resources to travel but also in existing markets keen to stay put.

When we are able to cast this wider net of participation, the space is created for the advancement of new knowledge, innovative practices, and cutting-edge theory which benefits not only members but also the larger global community.”  The International Leadership Association hosted their last in person conference for 1,200 delegates in Ottawa in 2019 – this year’s event will be in Geneva, another member of the Hybrid City Alliance.

Full details of the members, further information about the Hybrid City Alliance and contacts are all now available via a dedicated website – https://www.hybridcityalliance.org/

The current Hybrid City Alliance members are:

  • Australia, Business Events Sydney
  • Belgium, Antwerp Convention Bureau​​​​​​
  • Canada, Ottawa Tourism Business Events
  • Canada, Explore Edmonton
  • Canada, Tourism Winnipeg
  • Costa Rica Convention Bureau
  • Czech Republic, Prague Convention Bureau
  • Ecuador, Quito Tourism Board
  • France, Cannes Convention Bureau
  • Japan, Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Switzerland, Geneva Convention Bureau
  • Switzerland, Lausanne Montreux Convention Bureau
  • Switzerland, Zurich Convention Bureau
  • SouthAfrica Durban KwaZulu Natal Convention Bureau
  • SouthKorea, Seoul Convention Bureau
  • The Netherlands, The Hague Convention Bureau
  • United Kingdom, Liverpool Convention Bureau

Welcome to the world of hybrid meetings!

Hybrid events are an important way forward for the event industry to return to live formats. This format provides a wider reach of your conference. In a hybrid meeting, some participants are attending in-person and other participants are connecting virtually at the same time.

You can even set-up a multi-hub event connecting multiple locations around the world and make the meeting even more global and interactive. Multiple hub meetings are not new and have been taking place for a few years already, from involving a few cities or locations within one country to multiple cities from around the world; from very simple meetings with basic technology to more complex audiovisual productions.


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