Global Fellowship Winners 2021


Based on the very strong interest and the highly promising proposals, eight Fellows have been selected for the 2021-2022 term.

Importantly, based on selecting a total of eight, we have carefully coordinated the selection across six broad topics and hope to achieve a degree of coordination between some of the Fellows to produce a holistic set of publishable findings that will have applicability and appeal in the global bamboo community, which is an aim for the WBF. As you know, the mission of the WBF is to advance the commercialization of timber bamboo to mitigate both global climate change and local poverty.

We are very excited to support the research of these 8 Global Fellows!

The competition for this Fellowship was robust and impressive, resulting in a total of 118 applications from 40 countries. This is over four times the number we anticipated.  We are thrilled with the overwhelming response and quality of submissions. A wide variety of ideas from all over the world were submitted to answer the need for the commercialization of timber bamboo.

The call for the Global Fellowship was made on January 5 via our extensive mailing list and outreach via social media platforms. The submission deadline was January 12, followed by two additional phases of the review process, as well as personal exchanges to fully comprehend the candidate’s proposed research. The Steering Committee was engaged for comments, and the final decision of the selection of 8 Fellows was made on February 9.

The Runners Up deserve recognition for their excellent proposals. We applaud their efforts and look forward to their progress in the field of bamboo.

Ajit Noasekpam, India; Apoorva, India; Balakrishna S M, India; Bilshan Servanez, Philippines; Elizabeth  Kruger, South Africa; En Le Hong, Vietnam; Fatima Tangan, Philippines; Flor Maria Morocho Galarza, Peru; Karnita Yuniarti, Indonesia; Kavya Trivedi, India; Lorena Sanchez, US; Neelam Manjunath, India; Neha Devi, India; Nicolas Van Drunen, Ecuador; Ray Villanueva, Philippines; Shaun Rolph, US; Shiv Panse, Liberia; Sol Rodriguez, Nicaragua; y Sruthi Subbanna, India.



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