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Galila’s P.O.C – A contemporary art collection opens its doors to the


public in Brussels!

a surprising new place of art will open, a stone’s throw from WIELS, Brussels’ contemporary art center. The public will have the chance to discover Galila’s P.O.C, a collection organized around a multitude of heterogeneous themes and presented in the form of a cabinet of curiosities. Galila, the passionate lady of the house, will guide the visitors through her phantasmagoric world. Galila’s P.O.C is also engaging with the local community by working on an educational project in two neighbouring buildings.

An exceptional collection

Galila started collecting about 15 years ago. From the very first moment, it has been for her a dazzling, authentic and cathartic experience; she looks for new artists, meets them, delves into their worlds and sometimes commissions them biographical works. She thus entrusted personal objects to the interpretation of Chiharu Shiota, Alice Anderson, Jonathan Callan, Marion Chopineau,

Ram Katzir…

More than a collector, Galila quickly became an “artoholic”, according to her own words. Intensely enriching her collection in a frenetic while not devoid of humor approach, she then chose to open her collection to the public. The words Passion, Obsession, Collection guide her throughout the project.

So be it! Galila’s P.O.C* will be its name!

The spirit

An atypical place in the Belgian artistic landscape – and even international -, Galila’s P.O.C is designed as a gigantic cabinet of curiosities. It brings together an impressive array of artists from all over the world. A few big names, but above all a lot of emerging talents, are supported by

Galila: “Art doesn’t have to be about price or prestige, it has to be felt. This is what P.O.C offers and I am delighted to share this vision with the public.”

Chris Soal, one of her young South African proteges, describes her spirit as follows: “It is fitting that the first word used to describe Galila’s collection is “Passion.” Evident and embodied in her very being, she exudes it. And so it makes sense that Galila is a champion and friend to many young, emerging artists; for this passion locates her as one of the most youthfully spirited people I am incredibly fortunate to know.”


Far from holding itself back, the inaugural exhibition presents an abundant accumulation of around 400 artworks, from some of the twenty emblematic themes of the collection. From recycling to watermelon, from the eye to cigarettes, including chairs and religions… Unexpected themes come

together and challenge the visitors’ interpretation!

A generous set

Architect Bruno Corbisier was entrusted with the renovation of the 1950s industrial building intended to make the permanent collection visible.

Two other buildings, located on the same street, complete the ensemble. One will host temporary exhibitions, business seminars and creative workshops for children. The other will host an archives and documentation center as well as an extraordinary collection of artists’ chairs.

Integration into the local community

“Creativity is a reflection of the inner child within each and everyone of us, which slowly fades if not stimulated. Through immersion in this universe, I want to create an environment conducive to developing it!” Collaborations with neighbourhood schools, universities and art schools in Belgium are already in place. A brand new residency space will also soon be ready to welcome young international researchers and curators.

Practical informations

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