Slovenia, a New Star in The Michelin Guide Constellation


The first six Slovenian Michelin Star Restaurants in history

After months of speculation, the suspense is over. Slovenia has officially been added to the most prestigious gastronomic map in the world. The Michelin Guide has finally revealed the first Slovenian Michelin Star restaurants.

Photos taken by Marko Ocepek

The long awaited revelation of the first-ever Michelin guide for Slovenia took place and proved that the country is definitely the foodie-lover destination to pay attention to. It is something we have long been aware of, but the fact that Michelin now officially confirmed it, will definitely make the whole thing of promoting Slovenian culinary scene much easier. We are thrilled to have so many restaurants in the first edition and look forward to the new ones.

So, when in Slovenia: don’t cook, but book!

The honorary Michelin Bib Gourmand was received by 9 Slovenian Restaurants: Etna, Ruj, Jožef, Na Gradu, Rajh, Gostilna Mahorčič, Gostilna Repovž, Gostišče Grič and Evergreen.

The Michelin Plate highlighted 37 Slovenian Restaurants: Julijana, Ošterija Debeluh, Gostilna Vovko, Gostilna Francl, Dvor Jezeršek, Gredič, Hiša Torkla, Marina, Gostilna za Gradom, Gostilna Krištof, Pavus, As, B-Restaurant, Cubo, Harfa, JB, Maxim, Monstera bistro, Separé, Shambala, Strelec, Sushimama, Valvas’or, Vander, Mak, Sedem, Calypso, Pikol, Hiša Fink, Otočec Castle, Galerija okusov, Stara Gostilna, Rizibizi, Sophia, Hiša Krasna, Danilo and Kendov dvorec.

A special Michelin Sustainability Award has been awarded to 6 Slovenian Chefs and Restaurants: Gostišče Grič (Luka Košir), Monstera bistro (Bine Volčič), Hiša Franko (Ana Roš), Gostilna Krištof (Uroš Gorjanc), Gostilna za Gradom (Davide Crisci) and Gostilna Mahorčič (Ksenija Krajšek Mahorčič).

The country with a delicious blend of tastes between the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain is proud to have received 6 Restaurants with Michelin Stars and its first Michelin guide. It is no secret that Slovenia has been gaining the prestigious red culinary bible’s attention over the past decade with the scores of culinary awards it has earned. Many Slovenian chefs have already contributed to Slovenia’s global culinary recognition. This land of authentic tastes and innovative cuisine is taking over the title of European Region of Gastronomy next year in 2021. Last week also a new gastronomy portal was launched.

The unique advantage of Slovenian chefs is their privileged access to local ingredients. Their culinary philosophy is based on the principle from the garden to table. The famous Michelin’s inspectors are convinced that the nature and quality of the ingredients in 24 Slovenia gastronomic regions boost the creativity of the chefs.

Gwendal Poullennec, International Director, MICHELIN Guides:

»As we see European borders gradually reopen, we are pleased to unveil the first edition of The MICHELIN Guide Slovenia. This new selection was one that our inspectors really enjoyed making and highlights a destination that shines in so many ways. Our inspectors’ selection showcases the exceptional quality of the Slovenian culinary scene, the creativity of its talented chefs, the high quality of the local ingredients and also the commitment of the chefs to a more sustainable approach to gastronomy. Our inspectors were truly delighted to unearth the restaurants that make Slovenia such a fascinating and exciting international destination and one that all foodies should discover or rediscover.«

Maja Pak, the director of the Slovenian Tourist Board:

»Today’s revelation of the first Slovenian Michelin Star recipients is proof that Slovenian gastronomy has been ready for Michelin’s arrival for a while. For Michelin to award stars to 6 restaurants in the very first year is an extraordinary success. I am particularly happy that recipients come from all parts of Slovenia.  Today, Slovenia is in the international spotlight, thanks to its gastronomy, which is among the finest in the world. The success story of Slovenian gastronomy comes right at a time when tourism is facing one of its biggest crises to date; Michelin’s arrival, therefore, offers great encouragement and motivation on Slovenian tourism’s path to recovery and an excellent opportunity to raise the country’s profile and the profile of its cuisine.

I am delighted that 6 restaurants also received the Michelin Sustainability Award, as it is an award that is not always presented. Sustainability is at the core of all our tourism activities. Slovenia has earned international recognition as a sustainable destination through the Green scheme of Slovenian tourism, the Green Cuisine label for restaurants which is being developed and the Green & Safe standards that have been established to adapt to the current safety needs in tourism. The Michelin Sustainability Award will further strengthen our position in this regard, realising our vision of a green, boutique destination for five-star experiences.«

Each awarded Michelin Star has an incredibly positive effect on the local environment. On the other hand, every star-rated restaurant gets a place on the most prestigious culinary map in the world, praised by foodies who plan their next destination visits according to the constellation of Michelin stars.


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