European Food Summit


Food for Future’s Good

30. 3. 2020 | Ljubljana, Slovenia

Good food is more than just a matter of good taste.

Food produced

By purchasing local produce, we create unique culinary masterpieces, support local farmers and do not leave any carbon print behind us.

Discarded food

Since there are about 88 million tons of wasted food in Europe per year, we are raising the level of food culture and offer ways of diminishing the amount of wasted food.

Hungry people in the world

Only the wasted food in Europe could feed all the hungry in the world twice. Therefore, through sustainable action, we promote responsibility for food.

Each of us has an important role.

Do you agree it’s time we bring more to the table? Join us!

About European Food Summit

You’re not only what you eat but how you eat it.

European Food Summit is more than merely a top culinary event. It spreads the awareness of the global effects of food and unites great minds from all around the world. The European Food Summit creates a better tomorrow. Join us on our path.

The European Food Summit is an event which spreads awareness of the global impact of food. It unites great minds from around the world who understand the meaning and power of food in its entirety. Through their stories, scientists, researchers, top chefs, poets, writers, journalists and influential individuals shall teach, inspire and encourage us to think forward and work toward a better and more sustainable future.

The European Food Summit is intended for anyone who wishes to change the world for the better, regardless of their profession. Whether you are a nutritionist, food grower, chef, gourmet, hotelier, entrepreneur or a foody. The EFS is dedicated to our future, in which everyone plays a role.


Joan Roca

At this year’s European Food Summit, we are happy to welcome all these inspiring individuals whose actions speak louder than words.

Chefs, (food) writers, wine makers and other genius minds are coming to Ljubljana to share their ideas, concerns and inspiring stories to discuss the future of food:

Joan Roca, Chef, El Celler de Can Roca Restaurant, Spain; Lisa Abend, Journalist and writer, Denmark; John Lanchester, Writer, Great Britain; Maria Canabal, Founder and president of the Parabere Forum, France; Vladimir Mukhin, Chef, White Rabbit restaurant, Russia; Ketevan Berishvili,  Wine maker, Georgia; Marie-Claude Lortie, Journalist and activist, La Presse, Canada.

Vladimir Mukhin

Nicolai Nørregaard,  Chef, Kadeau restaurants, Denmark;  Nicolas Bourriaud Curator and art critic, France; Melina Shannon-Dipietro, Executive director of Mad Symposium, Denmark; Colombe Saint-Pierre, Chef, Chez St-Pierre, Canada; Alberto Landgraf, Chef, Oteque, Brazil; and Sylvie Augereau, winemaker, France.

Alberto Landgraf


It’s up to us to create a future of milk and honey.

The event is only as great as the people creating it. Therefore, crème de la crème professionals keep a vigilant eye on the European Food Summit:

Ana Roš, Member of the Expert Council: the world’s best chef according to the academy of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, who placed Slovenia on the gastronomic map and took Hiša Franko among the best restaurants in the world. Andrea Petrini

Curator, Member of the Expert Council, and Martin Jezeršek Event organizer, Member of the Expert Council.

Past Events

The taste of an instant flavour fades, the taste of responsible kitchen remains forever.

We constantly bring culinary triumphs to the table, question how food can improve the world and raise food culture to a higher level. It is of immense pride to grow each year and see the indispensable mark we are leaving in the world of culinary and social responsibility.



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