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Introduction of new unique venues in Hiroshima, Japan


“Daisho-in Temple”/”Yokogawa Shopping Area”

To lead you to success events, nowadays, Unique venue is one of the important factors.

Now Hiroshima Convention and Visitors Bureau would like to introduce two new unique venues in Hiroshima, Japan.

Images: Hiroshima Convention & Visitors Bureau

Daisho-in Temple”

Daisho-in Temple is one of the most prestigious Shingon Temple in the western part of Japan. Since the 12th century the temple was founded, it has had a long history and attracted many visitors. The temple had close links with Japanese Imperial Family until the 19th century. Emperor Meiji honored the temple by staying there in 1885.

75 years ago, Hiroshima city was attacked by A-bomb, however this island where the temple is located was undamaged because it is around 20 km away from the hypocenter.

Therefor surrounded by the nostalgic typical Japanese style buildings, it has the serene atmosphere, including countless Buddhist teachings in the precincts.

Now the temple offers the precincts as a new unique venue. It can provide uniquely cooked “Shojin-ryori” with vegetables, Tofu and healthy ingredients, which are served in special occasions.

The capacity is over 100 people of not only good for outdoor parties but also for meetings and has unique activities.

On top of that, there are several places where you can be immersed in the solemnity of something in the temple. We believe that your delegates will be satisfied with the unique experience in this majestic place.


It takes about 1.5 hour from Hiroshima Station by train and ferry.

Or 1 hour from Hiroshima Peace Park pier by speed boat.

Or about 15 minute-walk from Miyajima-Port.

Daisho-in temple: http://www.galilei.ne.jp/daisyoin/

Yokogawa Shopping Area”

Centering around Yokogawa Station, Yokogawa Shopping Area stretches 400m from south to north. Yokogawa Station is only two stops away from Hiroshima Station. In cooperation with NPO and local artists, this local-oriented shopping area actively engages in local events, such as street side food court / theater and Yokogawa Zombie Night, taking place on or around Halloween, when the area turns into a party place for people in Zombie costumes. You can propose your original ideas and create a unique and fun event using the beautiful riverside located within walking distance.


The 1F lobby of the shopping center can be used as a stage. It is an excellent location for live performances and other attractions.

Hiroshima City is well known as The City of Water, as such it is possible to have a beautiful scenic venue space on the “Riverside Area”. Impressive events such as live performances, river illumination, and food stands can be held.

The Yokogawa Shopping Area is lined with many different kinds of restaurants. Food tours can be arranged with the purchase of a food pass.

A wide variety of events allows you to be creative with your event planning. From fireworks, live performances, workshops, team-building events and more. The Yokogawa Zombie Night, which is the biggest event in the Yokogawa Shopping Area, can be incorporated into your event.

Yokogawa Shopping Area Promotion Association: http://e-yokogawa.net/

  • Location:3-1-18, Yokogawa-cho,Nishi-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture (Yokogawa Shopping Area Promotion Association)
  • TEL:+81-82-232-2434
  • Capacity: Maximum 1,000 people.


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