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Slovenia is among the 20 coolest places in the world. So pack your suitcases and discover why.

You’ll say when. We’ll say: it’s up to you, Slovenia is a whole-year-round destination. But the sooner the better…

You’ll say where to. We’ll say: it’s up to you, Slovenia is a pocket-size country, but a very diverse one.

You’ll say what for. We’ll say, it’s up to you. Be it active, cultural or gastronomy-oriented holidays, Slovenia has it all.

You’ll say: why haven’t I visited yet? We’ll say: we have no idea!

Slimfit and vitadetox at Šmarješke Toplice Spa

Photo: Šmarješke Toplice Spa

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Šmarješke Toplice have launched new products, which help you deal with the problems of modern lifestyle. SlimFit and VitaDetox programmes are a step towards good health, well-being, energy restoration, and excellent physical and mental ability. They offer their guests tailor-made procedures, completely catered to their wants and needs. Medical experts and highly-educated sports and nutritional consultants provide high-quality services and ensure excellent results.

SlimFit is an all-inclusive and well-designed weight-loss programme. Using the latest medical know-how and procedures, it tackles the problem of excess weight. The effective and harmless methods it uses burn fat, firm problem areas, increase flexibility, regulate the metabolism, as well as improve tissue regeneration and elasticity. The effect is intensified by relaxation and pampering treatments, which improve the sense of general wellbeing.

VitaDetox, an all-in-one detoxification programme that includes a diet, exercise and treatments. It speeds up the elimination of harmful substances from the body and improves its energy balance and also involves nutritional detoxification with fasting, tailored physical activity and a range of new detoxification treatments.

Slovenia – a top culinary destination

There’s no place like Slovenia when it comes to food. And we’re here to prove it. Stay tuned!

Gastronomy is the main development and communication topic for 2020-2021. Thus, numerous activities will take place in order to position Slovenia as a destination for 5-star culinary experiences.

A series of activities will be carried out to position Slovenia as a recognisable destination with high-quality, innovative, distinctive gastronomy and authentic cuisine.

In 2020-2021, the Ministry and the STB will focus on the development, promotional activities and incentives related to gastronomy, which is also identified as one of the key tourism products in the Strategy of Sustainable Growth of Slovenian Tourism 2017–2021. Gastronomy significantly contributes to implementing the objectives of the strategy, i.e. higher added value, targeting guests with higher purchasing power, developing year-round tourism, and dispersing tourist flows.

The efforts to position Slovenia among the very topmost desirable culinary destinations in recent years have resulted in exceptional attention from the expert public and media, numerous awards and rankings, the increased recognisability of Slovenia as an attractive and desired destination for culinary experiences, and the European Region of Gastronomy 2021 title.

To help integrate gastronomy into sustainable concepts, the Ministry will publish a public call for tenders for promoting the introduction of environmental and sustainability labels in March, with hospitality facilities being eligible for the first time to receive the Green Key and L.E.A.F. ecological certificates.

Experience merriment and clownery in the streets

If you visit Slovenia at carnival time, you will certainly come across a carnival mask or two, if not even a carnival procession. Many towns and localities hold a carnival procession for a Saturday or Sunday carnival, which in some places includes a diverse accompanying programme. Here are some of the largest Slovenian carnivals that are definitely worth a visit.

Following the steps of the carnival tradition

Kurenti, Škoromati, Cerkljanski Laufarji… Learn about the traditional characters and carnival customs that for centuries have been passed down from generation to generation disclosing human nature. They are entered in the Register of Intangible Heritage of Slovenia, some of them have been declared masterpieces of its genre of national importance.

1 Kurentovanje

The Ptuj International Carnival is considered to be the largest carnival event in Slovenia. This year, this will be the 60th jubilee edition when Ptuj will be transformed into the European Capital of Carnivals. Among the colourful masks you will find the outstanding Ptuj originals – the Kurenti. They are accompanied by other traditional characters such as orači (ploughmen), pokači (whip-crackers), kopjaši (spearsmen), ploharji (log-haulers), and other carnival masks.

2 Shrovetide in Cerknica

If you visit Cerknica on Carnival Sunday, there will be much to see for you. A special feature of the carnival are huge figures accompanying the carnival masks on the parade through the streets of Cerknica. Meet the witch Ursula, the mother of all witches who have their “nest” at the top of Slivnica hill, the water man Jezerko, the giant pike, Butalci and other characters who will surely leave an impression on you.

3 Dragon’s Carnival in Ljubljana

It’s been a long time since the Ljubljana dragon was last seen. Or has it? At carnival time, the dragon actually sneaks into Ljubljana’s old city centre and brings carnival masks from all across Slovenia including ethnological carnival characters, masks portraying children and other carnival groups.

4 Carnival of Istria

Join the carnival procession on the Slovenian coast. At the Carnival of Istria, both traditional carnival characters and various modern carnival masks parade through the streets of Koper. Particularly interesting are group masks which reflect current events in society and for some which imagination knows no bounds.

5 Prešerni (the Cheerful) Carnival

On carnival Saturday, the streets of Kranj old town centre are flooded with colourful masks, the smell of doughnuts and a festive atmosphere. Take a look at the carnival procession and dance in a masked ball to the disco rhythms, while kids will also have their carnival fun activities.

One can never get enough of carnival follies

Therefore, take a look at some other carnivals and carnival parades that are held in Slovenian towns and villages. Make it a carnival to your taste.


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